The Wikimedia Foundation, the organization behind Wikipedia, has released its annual list of the most-viewed articles on English Wikipedia in 2023. With a staggering 84 billion views in total, English Wikipedia remains a go-to source for information worldwide.

Topping the charts this year is "ChatGPT," with a remarkable 49.5 million views. ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, celebrated its one-year anniversary, boasting over 100 million users. It ignited global discussions on the implications of artificial intelligence, ethics, and its impact on society.

In second place is "Deaths in 2023," a perennially popular article that garnered 42.7 million views. Tragically, it reflects the collective mourning for notable figures who passed away during the year.

Cricket fans made their mark on Wikipedia this year, with "2023 Cricket World Cup" securing the third spot with 38.2 million views. The Indian Premier League also found a place in the top five, amassing 32 million views.

Oppenheimer, a film portraying the race to build the first atomic bomb, captured fifth place with 28.3 million views. Despite Barbie outperforming Oppenheimer at the box office, the latter dominated Wikipedia with a 57% higher viewership.

The list also showcases the public's enduring fascination with celebrities. Taylor Swift ranks twelfth with nearly 19.5 million views. Tragic losses in the entertainment world are reflected in the articles about Matthew Perry and Lisa Marie Presley, who secured spots on the list.

2023 was indeed an eventful year, as evidenced by the Wikipedia pageviews. It's a testament to the platform's role as a global knowledge hub. Whether seeking answers about AI, sports, film, or celebrities, Wikipedia continues to be a valuable resource for inquisitive minds worldwide.