Google has announced a host of exciting new features for its Android operating system, Wear OS smartwatches, and Google TV, offering users enhanced functionality and customization options.


  1. Enhanced Security: Android smartphones now support FIDO2-based physical USB security keys, allowing for quick and secure website authentication without the need for complex passwords. Even if the physical key is lost or stolen, it remains useless without the user's PIN.
  2. Emoji Kitchen: The Gboard keyboard's Emoji Kitchen now supports new emoji combinations, enabling users to create unique and expressive stickers, including 📸, 🤯, 🌟, and 🍗.
  3. Voice Mood in Messages: Google is testing a "Voice Mood" feature in Google Messages, which automatically adjusts the background and emoji of your audio messages to match your tone, helping you convey emotions better.
  4. Reaction Effects in Messages: Another Google Messages feature in beta is "Reaction Effects," which displays enlarged animations when reacting to messages, enhancing the visual experience.

Wear OS

  1. Smart Home Control: Users can now control compatible smart home devices directly from their Wear OS smartwatches. This includes tasks like starting a robot vacuum or adjusting room lighting.
  2. Home and Away Modes: New "Home" and "Away" modes on Wear OS watches enable users to trigger predefined scenarios with a single button press. For example, you can turn off lights, activate security cameras, lock doors, and start a robot vacuum cleaning cycle with one tap.
  3. Voice-Activated Routines: Soon, users will be able to initiate Google Assistant Routines directly from their Wear OS smartwatches, streamlining daily tasks.
  4. Google Assistant Widget: A new Google Assistant widget on the watch face provides timely information such as weather alerts, flight updates, and calendar reminders, keeping users informed at a glance.

Google TV

Expanded Free Channels: Google TV users now have access to over 10 new additional channels, offering a broader range of content options.

Accessibility Features

  1. TalkBack Screen Descriptions: TalkBack, a screen reader, now uses AI to provide descriptions of images, even when they lack textual descriptions. This feature benefits users with visual impairments.
  2. Live Captions for Calls and Media: Expanding from Pixel devices, more Android devices will soon support Live Captions for phone calls.

Whether it's expressing emotions with emojis, controlling smart homes effortlessly, or enhancing security and accessibility, these innovations aim to make everyday tasks more enjoyable and efficient for users.