The Chinese company Unitree Robotics has unveiled the Go1 four-legged robot. The device resembles a dog in terms of its functions: the robot has a human tracking option that lets it accompany the owner everywhere. The robot can also carry small loads on its back, such as a bottle of water or a wallet.

The cost of the model starts at $2,700, while the Spot robot from Boston Dynamics costs $74,500. The company also posted a video demonstrating how the robot works.

Go1 comes in three versions:

  • The base model Go1 Air for $2,700;
  • Go1 for $3,500;
  • Go1 Edu for $8,500.

The robot weighs 12 kg regardless of the model.

Each model can automatically track a person and avoid obstacles, while the more expensive ones have sensors and a more powerful processor. Also, only advanced versions of Go1 are capable of speeds up to 17 kilometers per hour.

While the Spot robot from Boston Dynamics mainly focuses on commercial use to perform various jobs, the Chinese robot is primarily intended for ordinary people. Unitree has announced that they plan to make four-legged robots as affordable and popular as smartphones and drones.