Threads, the social media app introduced by Meta as an alternative to Twitter, has witnessed a substantial drop in its daily active user count, marking a challenging turn for the platform's ambitious launch. Within the first week of its debut on July 5, Threads gained a staggering 100 million sign-ups. However, recent data from market intelligence firm Sensor Tower reveals that Threads' daily active users have plummeted by nearly 70% since its peak on July 7, currently standing at approximately 13 million users.

Meta’s Threads Reaches 100 Million Users in Record Time
The app gained tremendous popularity within hours of its release, with 2 million users signing up within the first two hours. The user base continued to grow rapidly, reaching 5 million, 10 million, 30 million, and eventually surpassing 70 million users.

Comparing this performance to Twitter's metrics further accentuates the challenge. Twitter boasts around 200 million active daily users, with an average daily engagement time of 30 minutes, significantly outperforming Threads.

Despite its promising start, Threads seems to be grappling with user engagement, especially when it lacks certain features that Twitter users find valuable, like desktop functionality and the capability to search for topics.

As the competition in the social media landscape remains fierce, the success of Threads' revival efforts will be crucial to its future standing against the likes of Twitter and other established platforms.