According to Tesla's latest report, the company produced 930,422 and delivered 936,172 electric cars to customers in 2021, which is almost twice as many as in 2020. Back then, Tesla sold 499,647 electric vehicles. Tesla reached the previous maximum for deliveries in Q3 2021 with 241,300 electric cars delivered.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk commented on these results on his Twitter:

At the same time, in Q4 of 2021, Tesla delivered a third of the total number of all electric vehicles, or a record 308,600 vehicles, which far exceeded analyst' estimates. Thus, the increase in deliveries compared to last year amounted to 87%.

The growth was mainly driven by Model 3 and Model Y, which were purchased 911,208 times in 2021. The more expensive Model S and Model X were bought much less often – they accounted for 24,964 sales.

Tesla Cybertruck Mass Production Delayed Until 2023
The presentation of the finished vehicle will take place no earlier than at the end of 2022, and the mass production of electric pickups with angular design will likely begin in 2023 due to the many complex technologies that have not yet been implemented.

In addition, in 2021, Tesla's market value exceeded $1 trillion for the first time after it signed a contract with the car rental service Hertz.