On its official blog, the Google team has shared a list of their favorite extensions for the Chrome browser that helped people stay connected, productive, and simply have fun throughout 2021. Even though the browser itself has a plethora of useful features, additional extensions can make one's browsing experience even more convenient and enjoyable.

All extensions are divided into four categories:

1. Communication

  • Loom is a tool for recording and sending video messages using a webcam.
  • Mote allows you to record and add voice messages to Google Docs, Sheets, Gmail, Slides, and other services.
  • WordTune is an AI grammar and spelling checking tool that paraphrases sentences.

2. Productivity

  • Forest helps to increase productivity by focusing attention.
  • Dark Reader turns on a dark mode on any website.
  • Tab Manager Plus is a handy tool for working with multiple tabs.
  • Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder creates screenshots and screencasts of web pages and allows you to edit them.
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3. Learning

  • Kami allows you to create a collaborative learning platform for teachers and students.
  • InsertLearning helps you take notes easily and integrates with Google Classroom.
  • Toucan helps to learn foreign languages while surfing the web.
  • Rememberry helps you learn foreign languages by highlighting and translating individual text fragments.

4. Other

  • Stylus is a tool for creating and installing custom website themes.
  • Rakuten is a service for searching coupons, discounts and cashback options on various online trading platforms.

The entire collection of the best Chrome extensions of 2021 is available on the Chrome Web Store.