Steve Jobs's hand-written job application was sold for $222,400 at an auction in London. It is not a CV, but rather something like a questionnaire filled out by an applicant. Steve Jobs wrote the statement with his own hand in 1973. Three years ago, it was sold at auction for $175,000. Steve Jobs filled out a job application when he dropped out of college and was looking for a job. A year later, Jobs went to Atari, where he met Steve Wozniak. In 1976, the partners already founded Apple.

Steve Jobs’ hand-written job application from 1973

The value of the asset has not grown so much. The price of it increased by only 27% in three years. It is far from a record for the category of celebrities' antiques. Such historical documents' main feature is that their value's growth is directly proportional to the time passed. So it is possible that in three years, we will see new numbers in the news.

By the way, numerous mistakes in words are usually attributed to exceptional originality and non-standard thinking of Jobs, but it seems that at that time, he simply was not yet a perfectionist.