The Android version of the Clubhouse voice chat app shouldn't be expected anytime soon. The news was announced by one of the founders of the app, Paul Davison. He said that the team is working hard on the Android version of the app, but it will take several more months to get it ready, which means users should expect it only in the summer of 2021.

The lack of an Android version of Clubhouse has become a problem not only in terms of user accessibility. Many developers began to create their own clones of the service, and all of them do not work or are generally used by scammers. As a result, the reputation of the original app suffers.

Along with the development of the Android version, the company is working on other improvements. For example, now the main feed is mainly filled with rooms from other countries instead of ones in the users' native languages: developers want to fix it by working on localization, as well as improve notification settings, room recommendations, and more.

The company also plans to cancel the invitation system soon due to which Clubhouse became so popular once.

But while Clubhouse is developing its Android version, the company's competitors are more active. For example, Twitter will launch its Spaces service for everyone in April, and Telegram launched voice chats in March. Telegram, whose total user base exceeds 500 million people, is now the main competitor of Clubhouse.