Stability AI has unveiled Stable Chat, a new chatbot that aims to compete with industry giants like OpenAI's ChatGPT. Stability AI has already established generative neural networks for text-based illustrations and sketches with Stable Diffusion and Stable Doodle, respectively. Now, the company is stepping into the realm of AI conversation with its Stable Chat.

Currently in its testing phase, Stable Chat is built on the foundation of the recently released Stable Beluga model. While the service is open for testing, registration or signing in through a Google account is required.

Stability AI Announces the Release of Its Code-Generating LLM StableCode
StableCode is a generative AI tool that assists programmers in coding while also serving as a learning aid for aspiring developers. With three models catering to different coding scenarios, StableCode aims to enhance both efficiency and expertise.

Stable Chat's user interface is designed to resemble a typical messaging or social media chat window. At present, the chatbot doesn't retain previous conversations to understand context. Additionally, even the conversation from the last session disappears upon page refresh.