Stability AI, the company known for its neural network model Stable Diffusion, has unveiled a new free neural network called Stable Doodle, which generates illustrations from rough sketches.

Anyone interested can try out Stable Doodle on the ClipDrop platform, owned by Stability AI. The interface is user-friendly and compatible with both desktop and mobile browsers. Users can draw using their finger, mouse, touchpad, or graphics tablet.

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The tool is integrated into the regular Picsart app, accessible on iOS, Android, and the web. Users can download their GIFs directly to their devices for sharing with friends and across various platforms.

The process is simple. Open the Stable Doodle page on Clipdrop and use the editor at the top of the page to create a rough sketch. The sketch does not need to be detailed—just a few simple lines will suffice. Add a text description below and choose one of the available styles.

Once the sketch is complete, click Generate. Within a few seconds, three low-resolution options will appear.