Instagram topped the list of the most invasive apps that collect and transmit information about their users to third parties. This rating was created by pCloud, a cloud storage company for user data.

"Recently, Apple updated their privacy policy, giving us more information on how different apps use our data and more clarity on where our information goes," pCloud's official blog states.

The company's research showed that Instagram collects 79% of its users' data, including search history, location, contacts, and financial information, which it then shares with third parties.

Instagram has 1 billion monthly active users, and the pCloud team is worried that Instagram is a hub for such a large amount of data of uninformed users.

The second aggressive application is Facebook, which collects 57% of personal data. LinkedIn and Uber Eats close the top three dubious leaders.

On YouTube, 42% of your personal data is sent elsewhere. On TikTok —36%.

Also, according to the study's findings, 80% of applications use personal data to promote their products inside and outside their system. Here, the main "criminals" are the same: Facebook and Instagram, collecting and using 86% of the available information to attract their users with ads.

Here is the list of the safest apps:

pCloud: the safest Apps to use to protect your personal data