An engineer from Replicate (zeke on GitHub) created a new open-source AI app called Scribble Diffusion designed to convert hand-drawn sketches, along with a text prompt, into beautiful art pieces.

To try how Scribble Diffusion, just visit its website, draw something, add a text description, and click Go.

OpenAI Released a New Tool Called Point-E That Generates 3D Models
OpenAI specialists have trained the models on a dataset of “several million” 3D objects and related metadata. The company admits that Point-E is less advanced than other similar technologies, but it allows to obtain results much faster.

For the AI to understand exactly what you have drawn, it is important to specify at least a few descriptive words. This will help you to get a better picture in the end.

The service runs on the Replicate platform, designed to run machine learning models in the cloud, and is built on ControlNet, a neural network structure for controlling large diffusion models with additional input conditions.

Scribble Diffusion is already available for everyone.