Microsoft now allows all users to access Loop, its Notion-like collaborative service that includes workspaces and pages where you can import and organize tasks, projects, and documents. Its components can also be integrated into Teams, Outlook, Word and more.

Similar to Notion, Loop has a workspace where you can create notes, see other users' tasks, and track their progress. The Loop preview supports up to 50 people viewing and editing a workspace at once. However, Loop's interface works perfectly for teams of two to 12 people.

The pages here are like blank canvases where people can work together on text, do creative work, plan tasks, and so on. All this with progress trackers, custom notes, and even data synchronization.

One of the main features of Loop is its shareable components. They allow you to turn any page into a block of content that can be pasted into Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Word, and other company's services. All edits to Loop components will be reflected wherever they’re embedded or shared.

Loop also already has built-in Microsoft 365 Copilot, which the company is currently testing with a select group of users. Users can use it to create a brainstorm or blueprint and ask the AI chatbot questions and manipulate the responses.

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The service was officially launched in November 2021 as an addition to the Microsoft 365 suite of apps.

All users with a Microsoft or Azure Active Directory account can use Loop. Android and iOS versions will also be available soon.