According to a support page spotted by XDA Developers, Microsoft is discontinuing support for its voice assistant Cortana on Windows starting later this year.

Cortana will be replaced by Windows Copilot, which will live in the sidebar of Windows 11 and will use AI to perform the same functions as the voice assistant and even more, like rewriting texts or adjusting computer settings.

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The main changes affected the operating system’s interface, the Start menu, the desktop, the way of communication, widgets, access to video games, security, sound, applications and other features.

Microsoft first brought Cortana to Windows 10 in 2015. With the voice assistant, users could quickly set reminders, open apps, ask questions using voice commands, etc.

However, the voice assistant has gained little popularity among users who prefer other voice assistants. Over the past few years, the company has gradually removed the digital assistant from its products. Microsoft eventually shut down the corresponding apps for iOS and Android and stopped supporting Cortana in its Surface headphones and other devices.

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The company has also announced a major update to its chatbot and added new features, including chat history, image and video answers, restaurant bookings, and more.

Even though the tech giant is ending Cortana's support for Windows, it will still be available in Outlook mobile, Teams mobile, Microsoft Teams display, and Microsoft Teams rooms for a while.