Microsoft has made its AI-powered chatbot Bing with GPT-4 support publicly available to all users and removed the waitlist. Now, to use the chatbot, all you need is to have a Microsoft account.

The company has also announced a major update to its chatbot and added new features, including chat history, image and video answers, restaurant bookings, and more.

Here's a breakdown of major new features added to Bing:

  • Image and video results

Microsoft has trained its Bing chatbot to answer queries using images when appropriate. Answers to questions can now be accompanied by appropriate images, graphs, or charts, if available.

The company is also expanding its Bing Image Creator to more than 100 languages, so users can easily use Bing Chat to create images.

  • Chat history

Bing Chat can now store users' chat history, allowing them to continue chatting on another device from where they left off and return to previous conversations at any time. The company also plans to add export and share features into Bing Chat to let users share the contents of their conversations on social media or bring them into Word documents.

  • Edge and Bing actions

Users will now be able to perform more tasks without having to go to a new browser page. For example, you can ask Bing to recommend a restaurant and then book a table right in the chat interface without navigating between sites.