Meta has introduced a groundbreaking AI model named SeamlessM4T, designed to revolutionize language translation and transcription. With the ability to understand and translate text and speech across nearly 100 languages, SeamlessM4T is a multifaceted tool catering to various communication needs.

The model's features include translating speech into text for almost 100 input and output languages, translating speech into speech with 36 output languages, as well as converting text into speech for 35 output languages. Notably, SeamlessM4T is attuned to instances where speakers switch languages mid-conversation, enabling seamless translation for multilingual discussions.

By merging speech and text translation in a single system, SeamlessM4T improves translation efficiency, accuracy, and quality. Released under a research license, this model empowers AI researchers and translators.

Meta Unveils Its Own AI Tool for Coding Called Code Llama
Code Llama comes in three variations: the foundational Code Llama model, Code Llama-Python specialized for Python, and Code Llama-Instruct fine-tuned for comprehending natural language instructions.

Moreover, Meta's publication of the SeamlessAlign dataset, containing over 270,000 hours of speech and text, contributes to the development of AI-driven translation tools.