Instagram announced that its users can now pin up to three posts or Reels at the top of their profiles. Just like pinned posts on Twitter or TikTok, such posts will appear at the top of the Instagram grid as if you had recently posted them.

Here's how to pin posts or Reels on Instagram:

  1. Select one of the posts you would like to pin.
  2. Tap the three dots in the top right corner of the chosen post.
  3. Tap the "Pin to Your Profile" option.

When you return to your profile, you'll see your post in the upper left corner of the grid with a white pin icon. If you decide to add another photo or video, all existing pinned posts will be moved to the right.

If you try to pin a fourth post to your profile, a "Pin limit reached" warning will appear. If you tap "Confirm," the fourth post will replace your oldest pinned post.

Instagram’s New Test Removes the Recent Tab From Hashtag Searches
People use hashtags as a key way to find content on Instagram, so some users might not welcome the change if they rely on hashtags for searching for new posts rather than the most popular ones or Reels.

Pinned posts have been in development since at least the beginning of this year. Reverse-engineer Alessandro Paluzzi first noticed the feature back in January, and Instagram officially announced the testing in April. While many users already use story highlights to showcase various categories of content, pinned posts can allow creators to make sure that certain posts get noticed.