At MWC 2022, Honor introduced a number of new products, including the new wireless headphones Earbuds 3 Pro with active noise cancellation system, which guarantees high sound quality and cancels out noise during conversations, while listening to music, playing games, etc.

One of the most notable features of the Earbuds 3 Pro is that the model has built-in temperature monitoring technology, which Apple tested in its AirPods prototypes, but never released headphones with this feature.

The temperature sensor allows for real-time monitoring, and the company believes this feature could be a great alternative to a regular thermometer in cases when it is not around when needed. Temperature sensing could also be useful for fertility tracking, sleep tracking, and in the future, it can detect when a user has a fever. However, Honor emphasizes that the model is not intended for medical purposes.

The headphones are available in two colors – grey and white – and are IP54 certified, meaning they are water- and dust-proof. The novelty is also equipped with an 11-mm dynamic driver with improved sound detailing, and the claimed overall battery life is up to 24 hours, with each earbud having six hours of life. The case supports fast charging technology that can provide two hours of playback with five minutes of charging.

Honor Earbuds 3 Pro will cost 199 euros. There is no information about when they will hit the market yet.