To mark Safe Internet Day, Google has unveiled a new online safety feature that will blur graphically violent or pornographic images in search results for all users by default, even if they don't have the SafeSearch filtering technology turned on. The setting will be rolling out in the coming months.

The filter is designed to help people protect themselves from inadvertently encountering unwanted explicit results, such as sexually explicit content like pornography, violence, and gore, when searching. The company noted that users would be able to adjust the settings unless they have a supervised account.

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If Chrome detects that a certain password should be changed, the user will be prompted to have it changed automatically by pressing a single button in a pop-up window. The feature is powered by Google Assistant and Google Duplex technology.

Users can choose between explicit content being blurred, filtered, or shown in their search results. You can choose to see an image that has been blurred by SafeSearch by clicking on the "View image" button.

It's worth noting that SafeSearch only works with Google search results and does not block explicit content you find on other search engines or websites you visit directly. While the filter is not 100% accurate, it does help filter out most explicit content in Google's search results, the company says.

Google initially turned on SafeSearch by default for signed-in users under 18 in August 2021, when Congress required Google to better protect children across its services.