Google has announced the discontinuation of its Google Podcasts service in the US, aiming to shift its focus towards the development of YouTube Music, where users can enjoy both music and podcasts. The official shutdown of Google Podcasts is set for as early as April 2024, with availability guaranteed through March of the same year.

To ensure a smooth transition for users, Google is rolling out a migration tool that allows Google Podcasts listeners in the US to transfer their subscriptions from Google Podcasts to YouTube Music or export them for use in other podcast apps. This tool will be accessible through a banner at the top of the Google Podcasts screen in the coming weeks, offering step-by-step instructions.

Google Podcasts to Merge Into YouTube Music in 2024
To facilitate the migration, Google plans to provide users with tools to transfer their subscriptions to YouTube Music and even offer the ability to add podcast RSS feeds to their YouTube Music library.

Additionally, users have the option to export Google Podcasts subscriptions as an OPML file, which can be uploaded to other podcast apps supporting imports.

This strategic move by Google aims to create a centralized podcast destination on YouTube Music, providing listeners with a combined experience of music and podcasts. Many popular podcasts are already available on YouTube, while others can be added directly to the YouTube Music library through the podcast's RSS feed.

In the US, Google Podcasts will remain available for podcast listening through March 2024, with listeners having until July 2024 to complete their migration or subscription export.