Google has officially launched Chrome Enterprise Premium, a new subscription-based version of its popular browser, specifically tailored for business users who prioritize high-level data protection. Priced at $6 per user per month, this new offering is designed to cater to organizations seeking advanced security features beyond the basic protections provided by the standard Chrome browser.

Chrome Enterprise Premium stands out by offering robust security measures, including advanced data loss prevention, malware protection, and phishing defense. It is part of Google's strategy to provide businesses with tools that enhance productivity without compromising security, especially in an era where remote work and the use of unmanaged devices have become prevalent.

Key features of Chrome Enterprise Premium include context-aware access controls that prevent unauthorized data leaks and sophisticated settings for managing user permissions and device security.

Chrome Introduces New AI Features for Tab Organization and Custom Themes
Google continues to integrate AI and machine learning technologies into Chrome to enhance the browsing experience, improve productivity, and offer personalized features to users.

This new service is not only a strategic expansion of Google's enterprise solutions but also an essential tool for companies to safeguard their digital environments against evolving cyber threats.