Google has released Chrome 121, introducing two experimental AI features: tab organizer and custom themes.

Tab organizer automatically suggests and creates tab groups based on your open tabs, making it easier to manage multiple tasks simultaneously. The custom themes feature allows users to create custom browser themes based on subjects, moods, visual styles, and colors of their choice.

These features are currently available in the United States and will be rolled out globally later. You can enable them in Chrome settings under "Experimental AI."

Google Chrome Introduces AI-Powered Summaries for Web Articles
Users will be able to access AI-generated key points from an article by tapping on an icon located at the bottom of the screen. This feature is designed to work exclusively with freely available web articles, excluding paywalled content.

In the upcoming update, users will also gain access to the "Help me write" option, an AI-powered feature that assists with writing text on the web. By right-clicking on a text box or field, users can get AI-generated writing assistance for various purposes, such as reviews, RSVPs, or inquiries.

Google continues to integrate AI and machine learning technologies into Chrome to enhance the browsing experience, improve productivity, and offer personalized features to users.

These features are currently in the experimental phase and may not be available for enterprise and educational accounts initially.