Microsoft-owned GitHub officially made its AI-powered Copilot tool that suggests code in your editor available to all developers. When a developer enters code or comments, the AI can suggest the next line of code, complete methods, boilerplate code, whole unit tests, and complex algorithms. The tool can also offer several options to ensure the code fits the project's context and style.

From now on, the GitHub Copilot service is available on a subscription basis at $10/month or $100/year, the company announced in a blog post. The free version will be available to verified students and maintainers of popular open-source projects.

Copilot can be integrated with popular code editors like Neovim, JetBrains IDE, Visual Studio, and Visual Studio Code as an extension. The tool also facilitates the learning of new languages as it can suggest syntax and code in dozens of languages.

GitHub Copilot also features a 60-day free trial period. A Copilot version for businesses will be introduced in late 2022.

Microsoft and OpenAI introduced GitHub Copilot in June 2021. In a year, more than 1.2 million users have signed up for a preview version of GitHub Copilot.