The famous Shiba Inu Doge meme became the most expensive meme in history – it was sold as an NFT token for a record $4 million. Japanese woman Atsuko Sato, the owner of a dog named Kabosu, put the meme up for auction on June 8. The auction lasted for three days.

The meme is an image of a Shiba Inu dog and is considered the most famous meme on the Internet, and now also the most expensive.

According to auction site Zora, the winner of the auction, a user with the nickname @pleasrdao, placed a bid of 1,696.9 ETH, which equals about $4 million.

Don Caldwell, Editor-in-Chief of the Know Your Meme Internet Meme Database, called Doge one of the most iconic memes in Internet history and recalled that the image won the Know Your Meme "Meme of the Decade" award in December 2019. Sato posted a photo of her dog in 2010 on her personal blog, unaware that the image would take on a life of its own.

The picture became popular on Tumblr and Reddit in the early 2010s. One of the Reddit users called the image "Doge." This is how the meme was born.