The American company Apple introduced smart tags called AirTag at the end of April. According to Australian retailers, these tiny devices turned out to be unsafe for children. Australian sellers have decided to temporarily halt their sale pending government inspection.

It turned out that the whole point was that the small battery of the gadget was too easily accessible, which made it insecure for kids. For example, the Australian company Officeworks announced the suspension of sales of AirTag smart tags from Apple due to the ease of changing their batteries.

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Some information sources claimed that they saw secret images of a late Apple prototype device and even tried to make a sketch and show how Apple’s late prototype looks like.

Sellers noticed that to change the CR2032 battery, it is enough to slightly press on the case plate and turn it, so even a child can handle it. However, a child can swallow a battery of this format in a matter of seconds. And local law provides for special protection for devices with button batteries. Therefore, the store considered the product to be dangerous for children. At the same time, Apple has already stated that the device meets international safety regulations.

Company representatives said they would not return smart tags on sale until they receive appropriate approval from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, which is currently addressing the issue. According to Australian law, any device with a battery compartment must be designed so that mountings protect it, and children cannot open it.