The new details appeared about the upcoming mixed reality glasses from Apple. The first rumors about work on the Apple headset appeared a long time ago, and at the moment, the company is conducting one of the final stages of testing it.

The VR headset, which Apple is developing, will feature two 8K screens and more than 12 cameras, as revealed. According to the publication, the device may appear on the market as early as next year, and the price tag will be about $3,000. Initially, about 250,000 devices can be produced.

Some information sources also claim that its employees saw secret images of a late prototype device. A member of The Information tried to make a sketch and show how Apple's late prototype looks like.

It is reported that the headset, among other things, will be implemented with improved technology for tracking the user's gaze. Besides, Apple's new gadget will receive more than a dozen cameras that will track hand movements. Given the specs, it will likely be a niche device for the business sector, competing with Microsoft's Hololens 2.