Apple's latest quest for trademark rights to images of apples in Switzerland is causing concern among local farmers and businesses. Wired reports that Fruit Union Suisse, a 111-year-old fruit farming organization and the largest in the country, is facing potential logo changes due to Apple's attempts to gain intellectual property rights over apple depictions.

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The organization has historically used a red apple with a white cross as its symbol. However, Apple's intentions extend beyond protecting its bitten apple logo; it seeks ownership of the rights to actual apples, a symbol that is almost universal and should be free for all to use, according to Fruit Union Suisse.

This trademark battle is not exclusive to Switzerland. Apple has made similar attempts in numerous countries worldwide, with varying degrees of success. Japan, Turkey, Israel, and Armenia are among the countries where Apple has been granted rights.

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The lack of clarity regarding the specific uses Apple wants to protect raises concerns among Swiss fruit growers. They fear that any visual representation of an apple, whether audiovisual, related to new technologies, or used in advertising, could be affected, causing significant restrictions for their businesses. Fruit Union Suisse hopes to avoid rebranding and notes that apples have existed for thousands of years, long before the establishment of Apple as a company.