Apple is reportedly secretly working on its own version of ChatGPT, a popular generative AI chatbot developed by OpenAI. According to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, sources with knowledge of the efforts have revealed that the company is testing a toolset called "Apple GPT" or "Ajax," built on Google's JAX framework. The AI-powered chatbot is being developed by multiple teams within Apple, with one team specifically focused on addressing privacy concerns.

Microsoft Opens Its AI-Powered Bing Chatbot to All Users
The company has also announced a major update to its chatbot and added new features, including chat history, image and video answers, restaurant bookings, and more.

Although Apple has not yet announced any concrete plans for its chatbot's release to consumers, internal use cases have been identified. Apple's employees are currently using the chatbot for tasks such as prototyping future features, text summarization, and answering questions based on trained data.

Apple's venture into the generative AI space comes as other tech giants like Microsoft have already released AI chatbots. The company's cautious approach suggests that they are taking time to address potential challenges and ensure a successful implementation of their AI project.