The litigation between Epic Games and Apple is nearing its end. During the last session, the parties presented their final arguments to the jury in a debate format.

Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers will deliver her ruling a few weeks after carefully reviewing all the case materials. As a reminder, Epic Games claimed that Apple improperly banned third-party iOS app stores and is using this to receive a 30 percent commission from developers in the App Store.

Cupertinians disagreed with the accusations of monopoly, mentioning other ways of distributing Fortnite from Epic Games. In addition, Apple claims that the commission is necessary to maintain order in the App Store, and is aimed at preserving the safety of users.

Apple CEO Tim Cook Testified in an Epic Games Trial
Denying Epic Games’ claim that Apple is solely driven by profit motives, Tim Cook noted that banning competing app stores and reviewing all apps sold on the App Store ensures users’ safety.

Apple also said that Epic Games is simply trying to avoid paying the commission in this way. The game developer's lawyer pointed out that the problem is that there is no other way than through the App Store, which reduces the development of innovations and leads to higher prices.

In response, the judge rightly pointed out that Epic Games' stance could hurt users who choose a particular digital ecosystem, such as iOS, knowing in advance that it is a "walled garden."

Apple Accuses Microsoft of Perjury in Epic Games Lawsuit
Apple questioned the veracity of Microsoft’s representative’s statement and demanded proof that Microsoft consoles are sold at a loss. Apple is dissatisfied with the fact that Microsoft did not provide enough documents to confirm Wright’s words.

An Apple lawyer mentioned that the 30% rate in the App Store was not a whim of Steve Jobs. At that time, this decision was dictated by similar conditions on Steam. At the same time, this commission was lower than in many other app stores. There is also no evidence that Apple has experienced pricing pressure from competitors.

Rogers said it is a dynamic market that is rapidly evolving and joked that she would try to issue a verdict by August 13. On this day last year that Epic Games launched a campaign to challenge the size of the commission on the App Store.