Hundreds of users started to complain about MacBook Pro battery problems. Apple has already admitted its guilt and is preparing to announce a solution to the problem.

The problem is that in a charged MacBook Pro, the battery level suddenly drops to 1%, and the user is notified that a repair is needed. Users can use their MacBook Pro with such a problem, but only when connected to a charger.

Many MacBook Pro users got battery replacements from Apple service in China, but it did not help everyone. According to the data, MacBook Pro users with OS from Mojave to BigSur face this problem. So, both devices based on Intel CPUs and SoC M1 have such issues.

MacBook Pro users started to complain about it between December last year and the present time. Apple is still investigating the reasons, but engineers think the problem is in software.

Earlier it was reported that Apple is planning a significant redesign of the MacBook Pro, losing the Touch Bar, in the third quarter of 2021. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo calls it the first major design change for the MacBook Pro since the current generation launched in 2016.