At Google I/O 2021 conference, Google has presented a prototype of its new project, the "holographic" chat Project Starline. Telepresence technology creates highly realistic 3D models of people, and movements and speech are transmitted in real-time, creating a feeling that the interlocutors are sitting face to face, at arm's length.

As stated in a recent Google blog post, technology will make people feel more connected, even if they are in different cities or countries. The project is a sophisticated hardware and software suite ready to provide an experience comparable to talking to each other through the transparent glass. The interlocutor will be three-dimensional, of real size, and you can even make eye contact and silently communicate without the help of words.

It is currently unknown how long it will take for Project Starline to become available to the general public. Google says it is planning trial deployments with the company’s enterprise partners later this year and will share more details later this year as well.