The first "live" photos of the unannounced folding Xiaomi smartphone have appeared on the Chinese social network Weibo.

Interestingly, the gadget was noticed in the Chinese subway. Probably, the smartphone is already being tested by the company's employees.

Xiaomi used to demonstrate developments, but now we are talking about a ready-made device. This gadget is similar to the drawings that were given in one of Xiaomi's patents.

The photos show a smartphone in the style of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold with a flexible screen that folds inside. You can also see the MIUI 12 proprietary shell settings interface.

Xiaomi has been working on folding smartphones for many years, but in 2021 it is likely to release a commercial device. New photos confirm the reality of the upcoming release.

Earlier, NV wrote that the Chinese company Xiaomi is working on a device similar to the Samsung Galaxy Fold, but without holes for the front camera. The smartphone can be expanded to the size of a small tablet, and the selfie camera is hidden in the case.

Interestingly, the company previously patented a folding phone, the design of which was similar to the original Samsung Galaxy Fold, with a folding inside display and an additional display outside. The new patent shows a similar design, but with the inclusion of a pop-up camera.

When expanded, the device is equipped with a large display, similar to a tablet. A vertical triple rear camera is also located on the rear panel. The loop separates both halves of the device vertically from the middle.

The pop-up camera for selfies is located in the upper part of the right half of the device. This allows you to use your smartphone as a selfie device with both a large main display and a smaller external screen.