The weight of the brand, image component, design features (although most TWS- earbuds are similar), and the accompanying mobile application's convenience comes to the fore. And autonomy, of course.

Consider these factors as positive for Vivo TWS Neo earbuds.

And the sound quality (attention spoiler!) We still count as a disadvantage, albeit not critical. You will get the ratio of pros and cons 3 to 1.

Will this schedule be enough for you to buy Vivo TWS? The decision is yours.

And yes, there is no active noise reduction (ANC) here. So, if you are one of those who no longer consider earbuds without ANC, you cannot read further.

Vivo TWS Neo three reasons to buy:

1 Design

Both the case and the earbuds themselves look beautiful. People with taste worked on the design.

Of course, I consider such an excessively rounded and glossy design too "girly." Forgive me about gender stereotypes.

But I don't think it isn't right. Women buy gadgets no less than men. And most often, they choose it by appearance, not by functionality.

And here in Vivo TWS Neo, good chances, especially in white. There is still a dark blue, but I have not seen it live yet.

However, it should be noted that the glossy plastic case has two disadvantages. First, it is very smeared and instantly smeared. Accurate will be dissatisfied.

Secondly, it is quite easy to scratch, even if you handle the case carefully.

2 Ergonomics

The case cover has a magnetic holder, so it cannot be accidentally opened. And the earbuds in the case are held by magnets, do not accidentally fall out.

The earbuds have proximity sensors; when you take any of them out of your ear, the music pauses. Insert the headset back, playback continues.

It felt like the developers were very inspired by Apple AirPods; the ergonomics here are very similar. And in fact, it's not bad.

In everyday life, Vivo TWS Neo are very comfortable, and you get used to them quickly.

3 Autonomy

Here at Vivo TWS Neo, all is well.

In any case, not worse than the most worthy competitors.

The earbuds quietly play music for about 4.5−5 hours at a volume of 60−70%.

From the case, they can be fully charged three times. So the case gives you about 15 hours of battery life.

The case itself is fully charged in about an hour or so. But only through Type-C, wireless charging is not supported.

Vivo TWS Neo one reason not to buy:

1 Sound quality

I have no complaints about Vivo TWS Neo in terms of phone calls. The interlocutor can be heard well even in noisy places (although, to be honest, I have not been to the subway and discos at this time). The interlocutors also did not complain about the quality of the transmission of my speech.

As for playing music, then everything is a little different. On the one hand, there is support for AAC and aptX, which is not enough.

But in general, Vivo TWS Neo's sound can be described as a capacious English word generic.

Simply put, this is a typical sound for this class of earbuds. It seems that the "top" is not overwhelmed, and there is bass, and even some "scene" is felt.

But in general, nothing special.

This sound with the head will suit the unpretentious listener. And if we talk about musical styles, then "pop" will definitely come down.

Something with many shades and halftones (for example, my adored Ludovico Einaudi) with such a sound as the Vivo TWS Neo loses half the effect.

Bass is not particularly deep for electronic and dance music.

Classic rock also sounds flat.

Games with settings in the proprietary application Vivo Earphones, which can be downloaded from Google Play, do not change the picture. I want to mention that I tried the earbuds in conjunction with the Vivo X50 Pro and OPPO Reno4 Pro smartphones. And also (for completeness of the picture) with Apple iPhone Xs Max.

In general, Vivo TWS Neo not music lovers' earbuds. But I also don't want to bend the stick with criticism.

For this money, you are still unlikely to find earbuds that sound fundamentally different.