YouTube is launching the YouTube Player for Education, an ad-free video player without recommendations that will help educational organizations embed videos into websites and not distract students from the online learning experience while they're watching the videos.

YouTube said that many schools and higher education institutions are using the video hosting service for educational purposes, so the company has released a player without embedded advertising and recommendations. This way, users won't see ads at the beginning of videos, and YouTube won't offer them similar videos at the end.

YouTube to Launch an Online Store for Streaming Video Services
YouTube is preparing to launch an online store where users will be able to buy paid subscriptions to other streaming video services. YouTube’s management is currently in talks with several entertainment companies.

At first, the ad-free and recommendation-free video player will be available for select partners, which include edtech companies such as EDpuzzle, Google Classroom, Purdue University, and Purdue Global.

At the same time, YouTube also announced new tools for creators of educational content. Qualified creators will be able to create both free and paid courses in the form of playlists. If a user buys a course, they will be able to watch it without ads and play it in the background. The feature will first be available in beta in the United States and South Korea.

And another new feature from YouTube is quizzes: authors will be able to create quizzes in the Community tab of their channel to help viewers test their knowledge.