Google is testing a more affordable YouTube subscription called Premium Lite in a number of European countries. The only benefit of the new plan is the ability to disable ads in videos. At the same time, Premium Lite does not provide additional features like background playback, downloading videos for offline viewing, and YouTube Music.

YouTube Premium Lite Subscription
YouTube Premium Lite Subscription | Image: YouTube

The YouTube Premium Lite subscription is currently available to a limited number of users from Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden.

For €6.99 per month, YouTube users will get an ad-free experience in the web version, iOS and Android apps, smart TVs, and YouTube Kids.

This way, only the owners of the standard Premium subscription, which costs around €11.99 per month in Europe, will be able to use offline downloads, switch to another app while watching the video in the background, or listen to music on YouTube Music without ads.

Since June 1, YouTube has started adding ads to all videos on all channels, even if they're not being monetized.

YouTube to Begin Running Ads on All Videos
YouTube will also impose taxes on bloggers who live outside the United States on profits generated from views in the United States. Therefore, the authors will have to provide Google AdSense with a tax ID, legal entity name, and channel name by the end of May.

Google noted that at the moment, the Lite subscription is an experiment, and the company will make the decision on whether to expand the subscription plan to more people based on user feedback. The tech giant may also add more plans in accordance with user reviews.