A video was shared on YouTube in which Xiaomi's humanoid robot CyberOne is playing drums.

A short video shows CyberOne sitting at a drum kit and playing along to a pre-recorded track. The robot can accurately coordinate various intricate movements like tapping the cymbals, using a set of four drums, slapping the drumsticks together, and using the foot pedal.

The input here is a MIDI file that the robot can decode into drum beats. Then, a motion trajectory synchronized with the drum sequence is generated using an offline motion library and online calibration.

Although the robot managed to keep the beat, many commentators were unimpressed with CyberOne's performance.

Xiaomi Unveiled Its Humanoid Robot CyberOne
CyberOne can also carry small objects. The robot demonstrated this capability during the presentation by presenting a flower to Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun. CyberOne also took a short walk to the middle of the stage and then took selfies with Xiaomi CEO.

Xiaomi unveiled its first humanoid robot, CyberOne, at a product launch event in Beijing in August 2022. CyberOne is equipped with a variety of sensors that allow it to navigate in space, recognize people and talk to them on various topics. The robot is also able to walk on its own two feet, carry small objects and understand a person's mood thanks to the ability to recognize 45 basic emotions.