WhatsApp's new privacy policy, which is causing the messenger to actively lose its users, may be illegal.

The new privacy terms for WhatsApp provide for the transfer of personal data of messenger users to Facebook. In particular, the social network must have access to phone numbers, transaction data, and IP addresses. Those who do not accept the new terms of use will not be able to use all the application features. For example, viewing and sending messages will become unavailable.

WhatsApp tried to explain the updates, stating that users' correspondence will be encrypted as before. Developers need all this information only to analyze the interests of a person and create relevant advertisements.

But such explanations did not reassure anyone because, in addition to the messages, there is a huge amount of data that will not be encrypted and, at the same time, are hardly needed for marketing purposes. For instance, information about when and to whom we send messages, our geolocation, a list of applications we use, and even more.

Now the German data protection regulator has taken up the case and launched proceedings against Facebook to prevent the collection of WhatsApp users' personal data.

The regulator wants to block the application from collecting information about users for three months. They also said that the company would have the opportunity to explain its position and respond to accusations during the hearing.

Representatives of WhatsApp get off with a standard explanation that the update will not affect the users' correspondence in any way.