Subscribers of Twitter Blue can now upload videos up to two hours long to the platform, Elon Musk announced on his Twitter.

Right in the comments below Musk's announcement tweet, someone uploaded the full version of Shrek the Third, which was later taken down.

Twitter Is Rolling Out Its Edit Button for Twitter Blue Subscribers
From now on, these users can edit the content of a tweet after it has been published, which means that they will no longer have to delete and publish the tweet again in case they make a mistake or a typo.

Twitter Blue subscribers, who now pay $8/month for it, are allowed to upload videos of up to two hours at 1080p resolution that must have an 8GB file size or smaller. Also, longer two-hour videos can only be uploaded from the web or iOS.

Twitter Blue is now available for users around the world. Its subscribers get a blue verification checkmark, the ability to edit tweets, new features that the company tests in Early Access, and more.