The popular short-video social network TikTok has begun testing a tool for brands and companies to recruit employees. First of all, the new service will be popular among Generation Z. The new feature is already being tested on a test focus group.

In the new service, brands can publish vacancies and job openings, whereas users can share not a regular resume, but a TikTok-style video. This way, they will have a unique opportunity to talk about themselves and their work experience.

TikTok Started Testing In-App Shopping Features
The reports state that TikTok is already working with sellers in Europe as well as in the United Kingdom, providing tools that will let them sell their goods to millions of users directly on the social media platform.

In the future, TikTok users will be asked to post their video resumes on their profiles to further popularize the new service. It has not yet been reported how soon the job search service will become available to a wide range of users.

According to one of the top managers of TikTok, the idea to create a job search service was born after the publication of the Washington Post article about Gen Z using social media to share career advice.