The founder of the Telegram messenger Pavel Durov told why Telegram will not be able to block Amazon or other large companies.

Durov said that the messenger has its own cloud infrastructure, distributed around the world.

“Telegram does not rely on Amazon or other third-party cloud services. We have created our own secure cloud infrastructure, distributed around the world,” the developer emphasized.

Durov said his company's approach is "more advanced" and more secure than what Amazon or any of the general-purpose cloud services has to offer.

“It took us several years to create the technology to instantly sync encrypted data between our datacenters and encrypt local storage in each in a way that makes it useless to hack into any datacenter and take over servers. The encryption keys used to protect the Telegram Cloud are divided into several parts and are never kept in the same place as the data they protect,” said Pavel Durov.

Thus, if one server is blocked, then the information for which he was responsible will be redistributed between other servers and Telegram will continue to work normally.

“Besides, we have no illusions about Amazon in particular. When Russia banned Telegram in 2018, we set up independent proxy servers on AWS Amazon so that our Russian users could chat freely on Telegram. Amazon quickly denied us access to its services,” Durov recalled.

Earlier, HB wrote that on Sunday, January 17, the non-profit organization Coalition for a Safer Web filed a lawsuit against Apple demanding that Telegram be removed from the app store.

The lawsuit against Apple was filed on behalf of the organization and its president, Mark Ginsberg. The plaintiffs claim that anti-Semitic, racist and neo-Nazi content is distributed in the Telegram messenger. This, in turn, violates the App Store rules for apps.

“Telegram stands out in itself as a distributor of "hate speech", even compared to Parler (a popular conservative social network among Donald Trump supporters ed.),” Ginsberg noted.

According to Ginsberg, Telegram's anti-Semitic content puts him in danger and as an iPhone owner, he has the right to sue Apple.