AT CES 2022, Sony Group Corporation announced the launch of a new operating company Sony Mobility Inc. that will focus on the development and production of electric vehicles. The new unit, through which Sony intends to explore the electric vehicle market, is planned to be set up by the spring of 2022.

The company also unveiled a prototype of its Vision-S 02 electric vehicle, emphasizing that its priority is safety and security: the prototype is equipped with 40 sensors to ensure safety.

The Vision-S project was first presented at CES 2020. In December of the same year, the company began testing the car on European roads. In April, Sony conducted 5G driving tests.

Vision-S 02 uses the same EV/cloud platform as the Vision-S 01 prototype. The system supports CMOS image sensors and LiDAR, and the company also plans to equip the electric vehicle with Level 2+ advanced driver assistance systems, which are currently undergoing verification tests.