Nvidia has released a free beta version of the Canvas application, which gives access to the neural network tool called GauGAN. It allows you to create beautiful digital landscapes using the simplest sketches, and creating them is no different from drawing in Paint. To use Canvas, you need a Windows 10 PC with an RTX GPU.

You do not need to have any artistic skills to create such landscapes. All you need to do is schematically arrange objects using a palette of materials, including, for example, grass or clouds. The neural network transforms even children's messy drawings into a digital work of art in real time. The finished result can be saved in PSD format to further process it in Photoshop.

In addition, Canvas features filters to help you style your work like any given artist. Nvidia notes that the algorithms do not use fragments of other works, so each image created will be unique. The landscapes are created using a neural network trained on the NVIDIA DGX system using 5 million images.

Canvas is already available for free download here. System requirements include Windows 10 and GeForce RTX GPU, NVIDIA RTX, Quadro RTX and TITAN RTX.