Max Hodak, who founded the neurotechnology startup Neuralink together with Elon Musk in 2016 and until recently worked there as president, on May 2 tweeted that he had left the company a few weeks ago.

Hodak did not say why he decided to leave the company, but mentioned that he learned a lot over the years of work at Neuralink and remains a huge cheerleader for the startup. He did not disclose what he will do in the future.

Users asked Hodak in the comments what he plans to do now. Hodak replied that he will not be involved in the Jurassic Park project. This way, he joked about his tweet posted in early April. Then he wrote that the construction of a park with dinosaurs from the film is probably possible, but with the breeding of new animal species, and not the reproduction of genetically reliable ones.

Max Hodak founded Neuralink with Elon Musk in 2016. The startup specializes in the development of high-tech interfaces for connecting the brain to a computer.

The company showed off the chips implanted in pigs last summer. They allowed us to see how brain activity changes when the animal eats. In April of this year, Neuralink also published a video in which a monkey uses a chip to play video games by using the power of thought, that is, without using a gamepad.