Meta-owned photo-sharing platform Instagram is rolling out a "visual refresh" for its branding, including a slightly tweaked and brighter logo and its own branded typeface. This was announced in the company's blog post.

To make the gradient in its logo "illuminated and alive," the platform updated it using an "innovative 3D modeling process." Consisting of Instagram's brand color, the iconic gradient is the foundation of the company's color system.

As for the new typeface, it is called Instagram Sans. Instagram Sans is primarily inspired by Instagram's logo and wordmark and reflects the shape of the glyph and the platform's commitment to simplicity and craft. Instagram noted that its new typeface is designed with heritage in mind and includes multiple global scripts. Instagram Sans is also largely inspired by the combination of squares and circles, or squircles.

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The social network claims to have worked with linguists to make sure that the font created works in as many languages as possible. The characters have been adapted for Arabic, Thai, Japanese and other languages. The company will use the font as part of advertising campaigns. Inside the app, the new font will be available to users in Stories and Reels.