Google developers are testing a new feature aimed at notifying people about unverified information in search results. The new feature will be related to news content. It will be checked, and it will be determined whether it is reliable.

If the information in the search results is contradictory, based on rumors or unverified sources, the user will be notified that the information from reliable sources will appear later. Google cited recent UFO sightings in Wales as an example.

Google Publishes Requirements for Developers to Reduce Play Store Fee
Starting July 1, Google will lower the Google Play commission to 15% for all app developers, but it will only apply to the first million dollars of revenue per year. If the revenue exceeds $1 million per year, the commission will increase to 30%.

Big tech giants like Facebook and Google have been trying to fight misinformation for a long time. The company's decision to introduce the new feature is basically a trade-off. This way, Google will not need to remove the content completely, and users will be notified about the possible inaccuracy of the provided data.

Google announced that it started testing the feature about a week ago. At the moment, the notification appears only for a small number of requests, which usually concern a popular emerging topic. So far, the notification appears only for English-speaking users, but the company will add other languages as well.