Google has announced an exciting update for Google Photos users: starting May 15, advanced AI-powered editing tools, including the Magic Eraser, Photo Unblur, and various others, will be available to all users at no additional cost.

Previously exclusive to Pixel devices or those with a Google One subscription, these features are now accessible to a broader audience, enabling even casual photographers to enhance their images with simple edits. This suite of tools, once a premium offering, includes capabilities to remove unwanted elements from photos, sharpen blurry images, and adjust lighting effects post-capture, making photo editing more intuitive and accessible.

Google Introduces an AI-Powered Image Generator in Bard
Images generated by Imagen 2 are marked as AI-created through metadata and digital watermarks called SynthID. These images will be appropriately labeled in Google search results.

The Magic Eraser tool, for instance, allows users to effortlessly remove photobombers or unwanted objects from their pictures, while the Photo Unblur feature sharpens images that were previously unusable due to poor focus or movement. Additionally, the Portrait Light feature can modify lighting to improve facial features in photos after they have already been taken.

These tools are set to roll out to all devices that meet the minimum system requirements, such as running Android 8.0+ or iOS 15+.

In addition to these features, Google Photos users on non-Pixel devices will receive limited access to the Magic Editor, which allows for more complex edits like repositioning subjects or changing backgrounds. Users will be granted up to ten free edits per month, with additional editing capabilities available through the premium Google One plan.