In a collaborative effort to simplify file sharing across Android devices, Google and Samsung have merged their respective sharing solutions into a unified system named Quick Share. This announcement, made during CES 2024, marks the convergence of Nearby Share by Google and Quick Share by Samsung, combining the best features of both systems.

Previously, Nearby Share was used on Google and other manufacturers' devices, while Quick Share was exclusive to Samsung's Galaxy devices. Now, these solutions have come together to create a seamless cross-Android sharing experience. What sets Quick Share apart is its capability to not only share files among Android and Chrome devices but also with Windows computers.

Google is currently working with leading PC manufacturers, including LG, to pre-install Quick Share on Windows PCs. This expansion will further enhance the ecosystem of compatible devices.

Using Quick Share is straightforward. Users can tap the Quick Share icon and choose recipients from the available devices. Importantly, users maintain control over their privacy, deciding who can discover their device and share files—whether it's open to everyone, restricted to contacts, or limited to their devices.

The rollout of Quick Share, along with a name change from Nearby Share, is set to begin in February and will be available on all devices supporting Nearby Share.