UK-based robotics company Engineered Arts has unveiled the most realistic and advanced human-like robot named Ameca.

Ameca is a gender- and race-neutral humanoid robot that perfectly copies facial expressions and gestures of real people, the company announced on its website. The manufacturer tried to make the robot's movement as similar to human ones as possible.

Company founder Will Jackson explains that a lot of communication between people occurs non-verbally, that is, through facial expressions and gestures. Therefore, the engineers wanted to create a robot that could reproduce non-verbal communication in detail.

However, Ameca cannot walk and does not feature artificial intelligence. Instead, it is programmed to perform complex and detailed sequences of movements with fingers, hands, eyes, and facial muscles.

Ameca can be easily upgraded as its hardware and software are modular. It can be used to develop and test artificial intelligence and machine learning systems. The robot is also designed to let us study human-robot interactions, and natural facial expressions can make it much easier. Engineers say that Ameca could be used to entertain the visitors of theme parks or science centers.

This summer, Tesla introduced Tesla Bot, a humanoid robot that can be very useful in everyday life.