Videos with different tricks of Boston Dynamics robots are gaining millions of views on YouTube all the time.

For the first time, Boston Dynamics, American engineering and robotics design company, has published a video featuring four of its robots together. In the video, two humanoid Atlas robots, the Spot robot dog and the Handle robot on wheels, dance to the 1960s hit The Contours — Do You Love Me in honor of the New Year 2021.

Recall that a couple of weeks ago, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory presented a four-legged Au-Spot robot with artificial intelligence, a modified version of the Spot robot from Boston Dynamics.

Scientists said that such robots would maneuver better than the rovers Spirit, Opportunity, Curiosity, and Perseverance.

These rovers can only operate on flat surfaces, but many areas of interest to scientists on Mars are located on rugged terrain or underground. Robot dogs are well suited for such tasks as they can get up after falling.

The robot dog, Spot, was used to explore an unknown area, herd sheep, and worked in clinics where people with coronavirus were treated. Robots from Boston Dynamics are quite expensive, but they are already used in many industries, for example, in warehouses for transporting heavy loads.