US realtor Darren James from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, received a $50 billion transfer to his account at the national bank Chase, which made him one of the richest people in the world.

At first, the news delighted him, but then he wondered about the reason for the deposit since he did not have a rich uncle who could leave him such an inheritance. The transaction was formalized as a bank transfer.

According to James, he noticed the billion-dollar amount on his account back on June 27 by accident, while checking the balance with his wife. "That's not like a one zero error or a two zero error, that's somebody that fell asleep on the keyboard error," the man joked.

James says that the bank has not contacted him. He also assures that since he did not know about the origin of the funds, he did not spend them, and did not even have such an intention. And he did the right thing because usually, when bank customers start spending the money received as a result of an error, they can be forced to return it, as well as become accused of a crime. But if billions really belonged to James, the man said he would spend them to help other people.

After a few days, the bank discovered the error and took the money back. The bank said they had a technical failure a few days ago, as a result of which large sums of money were allegedly transferred to a limited number of customer accounts. The problem was later solved, and now the correct balance is displayed in all accounts.